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Magnificent Tree in Fall Original Nature Photography Greeting Card with Kraft Envelope

Magnificent Tree in Fall Original Nature Photography Greeting Card with Kraft Envelope

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Magnificent tree standing strong and shining bright during the Fall season. 4.25" x 5.5" professionally printed original digital photography greeting card on a 16 pt premium luxurious linen cardstock. Complementary Kraft self-sealing envelope included.

Cards are blank for you to create a unique message for any occasion or to frame if desired. Taking daily walks since the pandemic began have been essential to my mental health. I have traveled to many paths and trails during this time and most recently found a safe route near my home. I discovered this huge magnificent tree about halfway into my walk. This particular one calls out to me to hug it and spend some time with it. I always feel called to put my back up against this tree and to energetically ground myself with it. I imagine my feet having doorways opening on the bottom of them and I imagine roots grounding down to the center of the earth and I tell myself that I am strong and unmovable like this tree despite the conditions going on around me. As a person with trauma, it is part of the healing process to get back in our bodies. I am practicing this and finding great strength doing this exercise. I take many pictures of the tree when I see it, I talk to it and I listen to the messages it has for me. I never saw trees before like I do now. When I leave the tree, I thank it for all of the gifts it gives to me and for the healing exchange. I hope you may benefit from the beautiful message this tree has for you! Enjoy the strength and energy this tree has to offer!

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