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Healing Horses Original Photography Greeting Card with Kraft Envelope

Healing Horses Original Photography Greeting Card with Kraft Envelope

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The healing power of the horse is available to everyone.  Horses have the unique ability to be present and honest in responding to situations and energy around them.  Joining with a horse touches your heart. Their gentle and curious nature guides you to access greater awareness, invites healing and renews your spirit.

Each greeting card is 4.25" x 5.5" professionally printed original digital photography on a 16 pt premium matte cardstock with a complementary Kraft self-sealing envelope.  Cards are blank inside for you to create your unique message.

This picture was taken at a Full Moon Horse Meditation event offered by my dear friend and former hospice colleague, Jackie.  She is the owner of Dancing Spirit Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching in Lyons, Colorado.  Horses featured here are "Sweetie" on the left and "Bonnie" on the right.  They are grazing and in harmony together.  There is so much love in this photograph.  Can you feel it? You can see the full moon is rising in the distance slightly above the mountains.  

I have been working with the horses for almost two years now and have experienced immense healing.  Words can't explain the healing that has occurred.  I attend monthly horse meditations and enjoy volunteering as well with Jackie at events she offers.  The healing power of the horse is one that is available to any of us.  Horses are non- judgmental and reflect back to us our feelings and intentions.  Horses are able to reflect human moods, and being horses, they don't judge or react the way humans often do to the people they are working with. Bonding with the horse helps develop self-awareness and promotes emotional healing.

I look forward to adding more photos of the horses to create an entire beautiful and powerful horse collection.  

These beautiful cards can be used year round and for any occasion or they may be framed! Buy some for yourself to keep and some to give away as gifts!

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