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Giant Amazon Lily Pads Original Photography Greeting Card with Kraft Envelope

Giant Amazon Lily Pads Original Photography Greeting Card with Kraft Envelope

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These magnificent larger than life lily pads are a sight to be seen!  

Each greeting card is 4.25" x 5.5" professionally printed original digital photography on a 16 pt premium linen cardstock greeting card with a complementary Kraft self-sealing envelopes. Cards are blank inside for you to create your unique message.

This beautiful image were captured during one of my walks at the Denver Botanical Gardens.  This is a stunning abstract addition to my collection. Victoria is a genus of water-lilies, in the plant family Nymphaeaceae, with very large green leaves that lie flat on the water's surface. Victoria amazonica has a leaf that is up to 10 feet in diameter, on a stalk up to 26 feet in length. The genus name was given in honor of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.  How cool is that for some fun history about this unique creation? 

Lily pads metaphorically can represent changes in our life, moving from one place to another as we navigate our way through our unique journey.  We never knows how long we'll be on one lily pad before "hopping" to another.  This card reminds me to be comfortable with accepting there may be many lily pads along the path before making it where we desire to be, and to learn to be in gentle loving acceptance of this. 

These beautiful cards can be used year round and for any occasion or they may be framed! Buy some for yourself to keep and some to give away as gifts!

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