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Dragonfly Nature Photography Single Greeting Card with Kraft Envelope

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Magical Dragonfly taking a rest in nature! 4.25" x 5.5" professionally printed original digital photography on a 16 pt premium luxurious linen cardstock greeting card. Complementary Kraft self-sealing envelope included.

Cards are blank for you to create a unique message for any occasion or to frame if desired. I absolutely love dragonflies and began seeing them a lot on my walks around the lake. At the end of my walk around this one particular lake, I take a seat on this rock and spend time in meditation and silence watching the dance of nature happening around me. Often times there were 20-30 dragonflies flying around in front of me and once and a while they would take a rest like this one did when I captured it. Sometimes seeing a dragonfly can mean a symbol of change, transformation and self-realization. They can teach us to love life and have faith even amidst difficulties. Also, a reminder to rest and cultivate resting as imperative to one's life.