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Desert Dreams Moab Collection Original Nature Photography Greeting Card Boxed Set of 6 with Kraft Envelopes

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The Desert Dreams Moab Collection offers a set of six greeting cards and includes 1 of each design pictured.  Each greeting card is 4.25" x 5.5" professionally printed original digital photography on 16 pt premium luxurious matte finish cardstock. Complementary Kraft self-sealing envelopes are included.

The Desert Dreams Collection was captured in Moab at Dead Horse Point on a road trip with my daughter, Maddie.  We took an impromptu three day road trip in the middle of July, the hottest month there!  On our first night there, we went to watch the sunset and hike around the beauty of this creation.  All of these photos were taken within two hours time and demonstrate how the light changes and dances on the rock formations from pink and blue hues, to stunning orange and yellow depending where the sun was at in its setting journey.  One may think that these were taken at different times of the day due to the drastic change in colors, yet they were taken throughout the journey of one sunset.  This collection emanates so much love and joy and I can feel such depth of emotion in each image.  I am excited to launch this collection as the first in my Moab series.