Hello and welcome to my shop! I am SO excited you are here! I am happy to be able to share my original photographs on high quality greeting cards for you! It's my goal to spread JOY one card at a time.

Here's a little bit about my background...I always knew I wanted to be of service to others and I have a natural way of connecting easily with others.  I earned my Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a certificate in Non-Profit Management.  I am a Certified Professional Life Coach through iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) which is accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).  I spent 20 years serving in Human Services in various roles as Director, Fundraising, Special Events, Volunteer Management, Bereavement, Human Resources and more providing loving care for seniors, people with disabilities and many years in hospice serving people and their families facing end-of-life. I also had the great opportunity to lead our Veteran's programs and had such an honor thanking our Veterans at end-of-life. 

To hold the hands of many that were dying, to provide sacred space to the families and loved ones grieving, and to provide meaningful opportunities of service to my hundreds of Hospice Volunteers was priceless.  I used my special gifts of "intuitive matching" where I listened to which volunteer would be matched to each person and family.  I never had a shortage of volunteers because I could feel and interpret their need to serve and how to maximize and utilize their skills, gifts and talents.  Endless and ongoing gratitude for my Volunteers was essential in their satisfaction which ultimately directly correlated with retaining them.  I wrote hundreds of cards to my Volunteers, patient's families, colleagues and community partners during my entire career.  I'll never forget one of my volunteers, Lori, said once at a meeting, "I never even got mail until I met April!" :)

I LOVE writing cards for ALL occasions and decided to start my own greeting card business to offer you a chance to spread joy and offer support one card at a time.  I am happy to help you with what to say if you aren't sure.  Don't let that stop you from sending a card!  This work I did my entire career was very rewarding and it also had an "expiration date" resulting in complete burn-out and compassion fatigue due to the nature of the type of work I did. I have been on a healing journey since I left which I share some on my Heart Centered Life Coaching Instagram page. I created Heart Notes Cards to provide you with an opportunity to send beautiful high-quality photography cards with notes from your heart while simultaneously having increased JOY for myself.  

Heart Notes Cards was born during the pandemic.  During lockdown and staying home these past couple of years, walks have been an essential daily practice for me and my daughter.  It became our outing for each day.  Her business idea for Maddie Green Boutique was born on one of our early walks.  We would spend time walking, talking and processing feelings, thoughts, ideas and more.  Walking has literally saved me and been an essential component to my healing plan.  Healing is a multi-faceted journey and I use many different healing modalities.  When I don't know what to do, I walk.  I noticed it started helping my anxiety and I started paying attention to the beauty all around me and started capturing pictures on my walks. I started noticing correlations between what I was seeing on my walks to what I was experiencing in my healing transformation.  It began with the sunflowers, then the lady-bugs came, next on the scene to join me were the dragonflies and the rest is history!  I started paying attention and capturing with great emotion the different things I was seeing.  People starting saying how beautiful my pictures are and I should make these into greeting cards so I decided to do so!  Each photograph has a unique story behind it listed in the description.  

Thanks for following along on my journey and for supporting my small business!  Please message me for any questions, special requests or to learn more about my Life Coaching Services.  All of you is welcome here!  



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